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Poem : Proud of Being Me

They say am cursed, am a sinner, Yes I am, in all glamour. They say am against God, am not pious, Yes I am not, I love being inauspicious.
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Poem: Pride 2019- An Ode to Stonewall Riots

It starts… The stillness withinThe indignation withoutAn initiation of movementThe murmur of thought Building like lightningAcross the mindAbove the embers of the heartA desire, a want, a spark Bursting into phoenix fireBolstered by love an... Read More...
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Short Story: Vrishna

“In the light of all the evidences and witnesses, the court has come to the conclusion that charges against Rohan Khanna could not be proved and hence he is re... Read More...
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Poem: Happily Gay

I'm born this way & I'mhappily grateful & beautiful all my ways. I'm not gonna wait for any society, any strangers, any government to decide my rights to live, to love, to walk the path. I won't wait for the acceptance by anyone. My cr... Read More...
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Poem: Judgemental Queers

“No fat, no femme, no slim, not them.”I cringed at the words, my eyes bled. I flinched a little as I furthermore read..“Not above thirty, not below nineteen,No... Read More...

Story: Mohini’s Wish (Part 2/3)

You can read Part 1 of this story here Agni boarded the bus to his college for the play rehearsal under an evening sky that looked dark and sulky, unable to decide whether to continue the hot spell or gratify Mumbai with a cool shower. Last week ... Read More...