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Poem : Proud of Being Me

They say am cursed, am a sinner, Yes I am, in all glamour. They say am against God, am not pious, Yes I am not, I love being inauspicious.

Poem: The Darkness Behind Me

How special to know your identityTo wear it with impunityAnd walk tall among societyConfident of your gender singularity. But there is living inside of meMore than the average dualityRather a spectrum of she and he,And the places between this bin... Read More...
gay romance

Short Story: Vrishna

“In the light of all the evidences and witnesses, the court has come to the conclusion that charges against Rohan Khanna could not be proved and hence he is re... Read More...
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Poem: Happily Gay

I'm born this way & I'mhappily grateful & beautiful all my ways. I'm not gonna wait for any society, any strangers, any government to decide my righ... Read More...

Story: Mohini’s Wish (Part 3/3)

You can read Part 1 of this story here and Part 2 here “Mrinalini, you have a visitor,” said the hostel warden in her booming voice. Mrinalini was not expecting anyone. “Who is it?” “Someone called Krishna Acharya. The man looks dist... Read More...