Short Story: Rain

I have always loved rain as a young boy. I used to play with my siblings in our garden every time it rained. Our parents dreaded it because we would get sick every time. They tried to stop us but we snuck out whenever they weren't looking. For me, r... Read More...

Heading into College as an LGBTQ Student

We all want to feel accepted and comfortable in our communities, and figuring out which colleges will provide the right environment can be even more difficult for students who identify as LGBTQ.

Poem: A Big Deal of Shame

Some boast of loosing virginity early, some prefer it as game I have no words to describe, how much it was for me a big deal of shame

When He Cut My Hair

He unwraps the towel and folds it. Underneath he is wearing a red langot, not covering much, generously revealing some of his round ass cheeks.