Poem: A Big Deal of Shame

Some boast of loosing virginity early, some prefer it as game I have no words to describe, how much it was for me a big deal of shame

When He Cut My Hair

He unwraps the towel and folds it. Underneath he is wearing a red langot, not covering much, generously revealing some of his round ass cheeks.
delhi pride

Poem : Proud of Being Me

They say am cursed, am a sinner, Yes I am, in all glamour. They say am against God, am not pious, Yes I am not, I love being inauspicious.

Poem: The Darkness Behind Me

How special to know your identityTo wear it with impunityAnd walk tall among societyConfident of your gender singularity. But there is living inside of meMore than the average dualityRather a spectrum of she and he,And the places between this bin... Read More...