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Poem: Two Palm Trees

Two palm trees, tall, stand beautiful, The background a pure blue, not a single cloud to tarnish it, The two almost of equal height, with similar crowns, A s... Read More...

Queer Potli – Exploring Urban Queer Spaces Through an Anthology

Queer Potli is a collection of 12 articles. Each article presents a very different view of such spaces which exist all around us. Spaces like private facilitations, NGO walk-in centres, even private spaces such as family and home along with public and cultural spaces, and how these spaces provide and lack safety for every queer person.

Poem: Someone

Someone is trying to open the door the main door probably a mistake easy to make since I don't have my name on the door they'll soon realise but... Read More...

Poem: Love Bites

I noticed the marks upon your neck, When at night I bent over to give you a peck. And though you blissfully slumbered away, My crazy mind kept sleep at bay.   You may have enjoyed my love and care, Wrapped in my embrace, in no ... Read More...