section 377

Poem: Hope of Decriminalisation

Let me light a candle for the last ray of hope, Let me tie a knot in the rainbow coloured rope, Let me skip a beat, in the throbbing heart of mine, Let me dream in eyes, of a VIBGYORed sunshine. More than a struggle, it has been a war ongoing,... Read More...

Poem: Missing You

Don't you know honey I just can't sleep, Just can't breathe the air around (when you are not around), Don't you know even my eyes wanna kiss you all over, Ev... Read More...
man with nath

Poem: Nath

“Poetry Is Possible” is a new poetry book by Vikram Kolmannskog. It is coloured by Vikram’s identity as a gay, spiritual, Indian-Norwegian man. 

Poem: Coming Out

Thinking beyond my capabilities, Stop calling them as atrocities. Awaiting the news, I feared the worst and hoped for the best. Life was about to put my family through an unforgettable test.. Why don't they understand that I love him above all h... Read More...