Poem: God is Great

God is great. God is gay and straight. God is a sea. God is a refugee. God is Moslem, Christian, Jew, Hindu, atheist, me and you. God is a rock. God i... Read More...

Poem: Missing You

Don't you know honey I just can't sleep, Just can't breathe the air around (when you are not around), Don't you know even my eyes wanna kiss you all over, Even when your shadow is all around (me). And when our love seems to fade away, Listen, ... Read More...
man with nath

Poem: Nath

“Poetry Is Possible” is a new poetry book by Vikram Kolmannskog. It is coloured by Vikram’s identity as a gay, spiritual, Indian-Norwegian man. 

Short Story: Did I Really Steal Her Guy?

“Bastard! You ass hole you have stolen the guy I was dating,” she yelled at me while I was talking to Srinath at my office canteen. All the people were staring at me. Both Srinath and I were perplexed as to why she was yelling and abusing me. “What ... Read More...