Sayantan Datta

​The Politics of Shame and Mental Health

The lack of discussions around the politics of social interactions between multiple forces and the mentally ill person at the intersection of these forces needs to be broken, because existence cannot be free of politics, and any non-conforming act or condition will be met with the weapon of shame.

How The Islamophobia vs. Homophobia Debate Is Harming The Queer Movement

It seems like Islamophobia and Homophobia have been pitted against each other in the race to attention, which should not be the case. Homophobia, or broadly, Queerphobia, is the root cause of all such incidents, where people have to give up their lives just because they were being themselves.

Why 377 Needs to Go – Gen X Speaks

We talk to the youth, across the sexuality and gender spectrum, irrespective of their identity, and try to gauge their views on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and why it needs to go.

Decoding 377

If social change needs to be initiated through a change in the law, which definitely provides more security to the members of the queer community, then so be it.

Sayantan Datta

Sayantan is an active LGBTQ expressionist who slays down the stereotypes, trying to change the world one sequin at a time