Sukhdeep Singh

Gay RIghts

A Political Turn

Gay rights activists agree that the time has come for the LGBT movement to start asserting itself politically, writes Sukhdeep Singh The political scene in I... Read More...
Hindu Marriage

The Marriage Folly

Some of your straight friends may want you to get married, but definitely not to a girl from their family; writes Sukhdeep Singh The one tenet around which Ind... Read More...
Gay Men romancing

Eccentric Love

I stumbled upon this beautiful Youtube video titled Eccentric Love over one of the forums and must appreciate the efforts of Rohit who made this video as an "Aw... Read More...
Gay dating

Logging Out : A short movie

A short movie, aptly titled "Logging Out", was released on Youtube  yesterday by Nakshatra.  The 7 minute movie revolves around a young man of 19 yrs who, l... Read More...
jonah mowry

Gay bullying- video by Jonah

A young teen Jonah has posted this video of his recently that makes your heart melt and want to give him a big hug. Picked on and bullied in school and probabl... Read More...

Sukhdeep Singh


Sukhdeep Singh is a Facebook addict who works as a software engineer by day and transforms into a writer at night. He is also the founder and editor of Gaylaxy magazine.