Coming Out of Closet

Coming Out as Indian

I may be Afghan by birth and blood and American by product and ingenuity. But I am Indian by soul and spirit. Today, before all of you I want to declare my coming out as Indian.
Masked Man at Pride

कविता : मुझको मुझसे मिलने दो

एक अरसा हुआ अब तो मुझको मुझसे मिल लेने दोइस समाज और इस सोच से अब तो कुछ पल चैन की मुझको भी जी लेने दो। कैसे समझाऊँ कि कितना तड़प रहा हूँ? इस झूठी पहचान को ख... Read More...

Leaving the Closet Behind

Coming out is difficult for the confessing party as well as the party it is being confessed to and we get to see myriad of reactions.