Over 7,000 join the 10th Namma Pride Bengaluru March

Over 7,000 participants from across the country and world marched alongside the rainbow flag, chanting slogans to repeal section 377, fighting for transgender rights and dancing with pride to the rhythmic drumbeats
'उन्होंने कुछ नहीं कहा' - एक कविता | तस्वीर: सेंतिल वासन | सौजन्य: क्यूग्राफी |

“उन्होंने कुछ नहीं कहा” – स्वगत कथन

प्रस्तुत है इस स्वगत-कथन की उत्तर-कृति: वह चुपचाप होने वाली बातें जो होकर रह गयी हैं: वक़्त के तले में अब भी चिपकी हुई हैं। वो कुछ न कह सके हम कुछ न कह सके; कभी... Read More...

Poem: Before a Cup

Both touches each other’s face with tenderness Those big muscles draws other one close A meet of lips, commoves them deep Tongues begin passion’s war, ... Read More...
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Short Story: The Blue Pills

In the restroom, he looked at himself in the mirror and felt a stab of pity. "How will I fake through this my entire life," he thought panic-stricken.