Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.. the very next day you gave it away, this year, to save me from tears, I will give it to someone special..

PM Narendra Modi’s Christmas certainly did not go so well last year. He wanted to celebrate his love admiration for Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and so announced 25th as the Good Governance Day. But India did not take this love kindly and there were controversies galore. We don’t know what Vajpayee ji thought, but Mr. Modi certainly was left with a broken heart the next day. And so, he moved on… and here is how this love happened.

The love story began when the two met in the most romantic city of the world- Paris. Mr. Modi was totally smitten by the charisma of Mr. Sharif. As neighbours, Modi had met Sharif a couple of times before as well, but in Paris, he saw him in a totally new way.

Modi in Paris

In true Bollywood style, their families countries weren’t exactly friends, and after a brief fling were separated, having only their memories to hold on to. And so, Mr. Modi sent his most trusted aide to deliver his message to his lover  counterpart.


Having assured him of his commitment to their relationship, Narendra Modi wanted to surprise Nawaz Sharif on his birthday, and so he stopped unannounced in Pakistan while returning from a visit to Afghanistan. Look at his joy as he lands from the plane.

Modi Lands in Pakistan

When Nawaz Sharif got to know of Modi’s arrival, he came running holding a diya like Paro flowers to receive him. Waiting patiently for his love.CXEjXIoWYAA58xl

And then their eyes met.. the world around them ceased to exist as they held each other’s hand and looked lovingly.


Have a look at that from  a different angle.


Now have an even closer look at them. They won’t let go of each other

modi sharif

At this moment Modi couldn’t hold himself back. He engaged in some PDA as he hugged Sharif in a tight embrace.


Then Modi realised Sharif had brought his favourite flowers for him.

modi sharif

The two now professed their love for each other openly, as they walked down the aisle red carpet holding hands.


Have a closer look. This is the joy of walking with your partner

modi sharif

Nawaz Sharif took Narendra Modi home and introduced him to his family


The Sharif house was decked up with lights to welcome their damad guest


As the world watched this love story unfold, the two sat together and cracked jokes, oblivious of the fact that both the countries had Sec 377 in their law books that criminalises “unnatural sex”.


But all good things must come to an end, and so it was time to say goodbye. Neither of them wanted to say goodbye and looked upset.


But Mr. Modi promised that he will visit soon in 2016 again, and this love story remains To Be Continued..


Sukhdeep Singh