These Pictures Will Have You Believe That PM Narendra Modi Just Had a Gay Marriage with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull

There is something about Narendra Modi and his meetings with World Leaders that are always a little gay. We have previously pointed out how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been going around hugging world leaders in a very gay kind of way, and also created (an imaginary) love story between Mr. Modi and Nawaz Sharif when PM Modi dropped by to greet Mr. Sharif on his birthday.But things have gone a little too far (if you go by the pictures) with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, who is on a 4 day visit to India.

PM Modi and Australian PM Turnbull visited the Akshardham Temple today, taking a Metro ride. The pictures that have emerged of their time in Akshardham Temple will have you believe that the two got married probably. Here we narrate the (imaginary) sequence of events.

The Groom(s) have arrived with the Baraat. Clearly there are too many baraatis, and they are all too excited for the first gay wedding of the two world leaders. They are dancing already!

Picture source: Narendra Modi Facebook Page

The two grooms are getting ready for the wedding ceremony and ritual.

Picture source: Narendra Modi Facebook Page

There’s no agni pherahs in this wedding. Instead the grooms are washing the deity’s idol and circumambulating the idol.

Picture source: Narendra Modi Facebook Page

The wedding rituals are over. The newly married couple now seek blessings from the priest

Picture source: PMO India Facebook Page

It is time to discuss honeymoon plans!

Picture source: Narendra Modi Facebook Page

And finally, announce to the world that you are happily married now!

Picture source: Narendra Modi Facebook Page

May they live happily ever after..

Sukhdeep Singh