Meet Kami, Pakistan’s First Transgender Model

A beautiful photo project combining skills of a fashion stylist, photographer, makeup artist and transgender activist all coming together to celebrate trans beauty and fight against the rise in transphobia in the country.


Homophobic jokes have become a part of everybody’s lives, because people end up using them consciously or unconsciously, because society questions the sexuality of someone who opposes such demeaning things, because ‘gay’, ‘homo’ and ‘hijra’ are used as derogatory terms.

How The Islamophobia vs. Homophobia Debate Is Harming The Queer Movement

It seems like Islamophobia and Homophobia have been pitted against each other in the race to attention, which should not be the case. Homophobia, or broadly, Queerphobia, is the root cause of all such incidents, where people have to give up their lives just because they were being themselves.
Narendra Modi

Indian Leaders Are Shocked by Orlando Shooting, But Not by Homophobia

Indian leaders were shocked at the killings, true, but what is also true is that they were not shocked by the underlying homophobia. By completely erasing the mention of LGBT people in their statements and refusing to condemn the homophobia behind the massacre, they have proven that they will remain blind to the plight of LGBTs in India and world over