Veer Piyush

hands pills

Short Story: The Blue Pills

In the restroom, he looked at himself in the mirror and felt a stab of pity. "How will I fake through this my entire life," he thought panic-stricken.

Short Story: The Silence of the Graves

Numair didn't want to correct him. Did it really matter? Would it undo things? He felt he should have been firm, but he was so helplessly in love that he blindly followed Zul in whatever he did.

​I am a Starboy

I AM WHO I AM. It’s here that I shall learn to love thyself. I am not sure I would return back to the big bad city.

Veer Piyush

Veer is a day dreamer and believes that writing is the only thing that keep him ticking. He loves connecting with people as they are a mirror into his own soul. Spiritual, impulsive, a dream lover and a zest for life is what sums him up best