Creative Writing

Poem: Role Play

I'm tired of this role playPlaying our roles like we are both okayPracticing our fake smiles when see each otherTreating each other like a wind or whatever... Read More...
two women

Poem: Dusky Love

I sang for my girlages before, I found her by the crimson moonAges, before, love was a crimeSome paper, bills, who made it fineTo the melody of her arms,I weep... Read More...

The Spectators

Societal bonds, acceptance and pressure many a times makes a person so weak that despite being so vulnerable and in love, people don’t have the courage to step up


I imagine yet another typical Insta-yogi: Fit body in insanely difficult yoga position against spectacular natural background, accompanied by a few clichés about wisdom or love. But no, here's something else.