Delhi Queer Pride 2011 (Photo by: Shiv Sahoo)

Why So “3” ?

Damn the two, go to the One, He tolerates not even a single difference, And you, O squint-eyed! Talk of the three.”  Why so “3”? That is the question impaled in... Continue Reading


Depression in Gay Men

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues found in gay men. Among the many causes of depression are  disappointment, frustra...

Body Image And You

Many gay men fail to perceive their own looks clearly. They have a mental image of how they look. Most of the times this...

A still from "Gandhi's Children"

A Film Festival in JNU on Gen...

Delhi’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University hosted a film festival on the theme of Men and Boys for Gender Justice. Kumam Davidson...

Ordinary to Queer

The first time I heard the word ‘gay’, I understood it meant happy. For the next few years, this word was tr...

Protesters display a placard with a picture of Laude during a rally in Manila

Murder of Filipino Transwoman Brings Global Attention to Cal...

The murder of Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman in Philippines on October 11 this year by a US private first class Marine has brought focu... Continue Reading


Cufflinks – A Rap Song featuring Gay and Straight MCs

“Cufflinks” is from New York Strangers, a collaborative album between F. Virtue and Juan Deuce. The music video features gay and... Continue Reading

'No pic no reply' - a poem. Image: Brijesh Sukumaran.

Poem: ‘No Pic No Reply’

I said: My mind forbids pinging you but my heart doesn’t comply. All they said was: “no pic, no reply.” Pictures are not p... Continue Reading


Gay Indian man marries his partner in traditional Indian way

Harshal Sanghvi married his longtime boyfriend Matt in a ceremony officiated by a friend in California. Harshal wore a white Sherwani, and l... Continue Reading

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