“बुज़ुर्ग हैं, क्षीण नहीं” | छाया: राज पाण्डेय | सौजन्य: क्यूग्राफी |

“बुज़ुर्ग हैं, क्षीण नहीं” – “सीनेजर्स” वयस्क सम/उभय/अ लैंगिक पुरुषों का प्रेरणादायक संगठन

मुंबई के बांद्रा इलाके में थडोमल शहाणी अभियन्त्रिक महाविद्यालय में २१ जनवरी २०१८ को शाम ४ से ७ बजे तक एक अनोखा कार्यक्रम हुआ। “सीनेजर्स” (अं... Read More...


Her Tryst – A Safe Space for LBTQ+ Women to Find Love Online

Her Tryst is an online dating group on Facebook for LBTQ+ individuals. The platform functions as a Facebook community, where members are added upon request. It includes the group where members share their introductions, and also has a group chat.


Poem: Missing You

Don't you know honey I just can't sleep, Just can't breathe the air around (when you are not around), Don't you know even my eyes wanna ki... Read More...
man with nath

Poem: Nath

“Poetry Is Possible” is a new poetry book by Vikram Kolmannskog. It is coloured by Vikram’s identity as a gay, spiritual, Indian-Norwegian man.