What I Realised When My Close Friend Came Out To Me

You know you’ve found that special friend in your life, when you can share anything, absolutely anything, with that person. More often than not, most of u... Continue Reading


Things Indians need to know a...

The first thing one needs to understand is what homosexuality is. In the simplest of terms, it involves physical and mental attraction of or...

Do You Have A Drinking Problem?

  Have you had the experience of waking up with a naked man by your side and not having the foggiest remembrance of...


Sara Ka Saara Aasmaan: Interv...

Kumam Davidson talks to Tarique Hameed, who is one of the founding members of Wings Cultural Society. Tarique is a young talented theatre ac...

Why Haider should have been titl...

What is most interesting to me about Haider is the unexpected ending; Ghazala’s moment of epiphany that closes the film....

Protesters display a placard with a picture of Laude during a rally in Manila

Murder of Filipino Transwoman Brings Global Attention to Cal...

The murder of Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman in Philippines on October 11 this year by a US private first class Marine has brought focu... Continue Reading

Crazy Cukkad Family drama

Review: Crazy Cukkad Family – A wedding of substance

With a daring new perspective of looking at homosexuality, Crazy Cukkad Family signals at a new mentality that is being welcomed both by Bol... Continue Reading

Painting by Kashish Seth

Poem: Madness

Dear lover do not even think I do not know what you think, This is madness that you see Because madness was always within me.   You wou... Continue Reading

Boy crying
Poem: Monsoon
Poem: Enigma
Short Story: Cups Of Coffee
dunnoy na jaane kyun

To Marry or Not to Marry

Every human wants happiness. I take that as an axiom. My parents believe my happiness is in getting married to a woman. I know I will hate h... Continue Reading

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