Do You Have A Drinking Proble...

  Have you had the experience of waking up with a naked man by your side and not having the foggiest remembrance of how he  ended up in...

Body Fluids And HIV

Dr. Uttam Dave tells you all that you should know about body fluids and disease HIV is transmitted through body fluids. ...

malaysian air crash

Six prominent AIDS activists die in MH17 plane crash

The shooting of the Malaysian Airlines’ MH17 aircraft in Ukraine, which left no survivors, has snatched away several pioneering HIV research... Continue Reading


Watch: Gay IIT-Bombay students speak about their First Love

First love is always special. It transcends you to a different world. But is the first love experience of gay people equally exhilirating, o... Continue Reading

Photo credit: Jan H. Andersen ("

The Windows’ Fault

I believe these windows are a work of the wizards. They are playing tricks on my brain. My study desk faces the windows, and they keep calli... Continue Reading


A Girl Asks For Condoms, This Is How People React

India is a country where the population is exploding, but sex is a taboo subject. The word “condoms” is often greeted with giggl... Continue Reading

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