Delhi Queer Pride 2011 (Photo by: Shiv Sahoo)

Why So “3” ?

Damn the two, go to the One, He tolerates not even a single difference, And you, O squint-eyed! Talk of the three.”  Why so “3”? That is the question impaled in... Continue Reading


Do You Have A Drinking Proble...

  Have you had the experience of waking up with a naked man by your side and not having the foggiest remembrance of how he  ended up in...

Body Fluids And HIV

Dr. Uttam Dave tells you all that you should know about body fluids and disease HIV is transmitted through body fluids. ...


Why Haider should have been t...

What is most interesting to me about Haider is the unexpected ending; Ghazala’s moment of epiphany that closes the film. The dismantled and ...

Delhi Metro And Women’s Sa...

As a queer woman visiting Delhi, Sarah Holland Bacot has been told that Delhi Metro is concerned for women’s safet...


Neil Patrick Harris to host Oscars 2015

Openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Oscars in 2015. The actor, who got married to his long time partner David Burtka re... Continue Reading


Video: If Gay Guys Were Honest On Dates

Davey Wavey, a YouTube personality with more than 90 million video views, has come up with a video on what would happen if gay men were hone... Continue Reading


Poem: In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see a twinkle no star can boast of, I see a light that mocks the Sun, I see the depth of seven oceans, I see the calm of a Sp... Continue Reading


Gay Indian man marries his partner in traditional Indian way

Harshal Sanghvi married his longtime boyfriend Matt in a ceremony officiated by a friend in California. Harshal wore a white Sherwani, and l... Continue Reading

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