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लिहाफ़ मेरे मोहल्ले में…

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Reality Check on The Women in India

Empowerment for an Indian girl would begin with holding her head high and walking up the ladder of life facing the barriers as and when required.



Story : The Trip (Part 2/2)

Whenever Shouvik asked Shambo to meet him, he always had some excuse ready and the two times when he finally could meet him, he was already with his partner.
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Story : The Trip (Part 1)

Looking at the mirror he looked at his gentle face worn out with time and the upheavals of life. This is the first time in his life after coming out as gay that he had found somebody who seemed willing to reciprocate his feelings.
Kissing 7

Poem: Kiss

Kisses repel some people I wonder why I was twice bitten not even once shy
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Poem: Just Another Gay Person

I was going there that night, and on the way I heard, They shot all my friends, And the one I love. I'm all alone, and no one to love me.