So you think you are a macho top or a dom and the world starts and ends with you! Reality check, it does not! While there might be bottoms and versatiles out there waiting to jump into bed with you, reality is, there are majority who would wait to see if you really are worth the deal. So TOPS, you may be big between your legs (rare cases) or so-called good in bed. But do you know how to seduce a bottom or a versatile to make love to you?

The first step is to “Smile”

Bottoms go ga-ga over smiles. For that matter, anyone would. So if you know you have a nice smile- flaunt it. It is but a genuine smile which will catch his attention at first, and help him zero in on only you. Smile at something the bottom says, or maybe does. But do not fake it. While you talk to your potential mate, smile away and show him that you really like his company. This shows that you are an all rounder happier person to be with.

Do make frequent eye contact

Your eyes would be probably the first thing a bottom would notice when he meets you for the first time, or sees your picture on a dating app. It is the gaze and the dreaminess of the eyes that matter, much more than those abs or bulge you flaunt on the dating apps. Eyes communicate a lot- mystery, sexiness and even desire. So if you know you have nice eyes, flaunt them with frequent eye contact. Look at him directly when you talk to him or when he talks to you, or even when you both are not talking and hold the gaze for a moment.

Don’t be desperate

Yes you want sex, and that is what the meet is about, but don’t show your desperation. This is a turn off for most bottoms and versatiles. No one wants a despo on bed, and that is not fun. Instead of being playful, you would be seen as obsessive. This shows a different level of inappropriate interest, something which is such a turn off for bottom and versatile men. It would drive away, even before your first kiss.

Show confidence

We all love confidence in anyone, so show it and win your man over. Insecurities are a part of everyone, and that is a fact- don’t show him your negative side at the first meet. This would bring down the attraction level he has for you. Leave all the insecurities way behind- let your positive side show and have fun with that. In this way, he would be more attracted to you and would certainly want to make out with you too.

Don’t forget to laugh

Apart from what I mentioned above, you need to have a positive conversation with a few laughs thrown in- stop bitching about others, your workplace, your life, or friends, or other TOPS. Negativity would only bring down your level of attractiveness. Talk about things that would make the two of you happy. Thrown in a laugh now and there, crack a joke (no dark humor or racist jokes or sick jokes or PJs or body shaming or slut shaming jokes)- most bottoms and versatile men are pretty sensitive to such things.

Show your best side

I don’t know why, but most TOPS in India and on the dating apps think of themselves as SEXY, but when it comes to believing in themselves, they are zilch. Time and again, I would say, if you think you are sexy then feel like one. And when this feeling comes through, your moves would be perfect and would be put to maximum use. You need to ooze out confidence and sexuality, to seduce your man and not just the latter.

It is much more than the looks

Seduction is not only about being sexy and looking hot. Confidence is what makes you hot. Attractiveness is a very subjective term. Confidence is not. It is all about the kind of vibe you send out to other people, especially to him, since you want to seduce him.

Wear something nice

I don’t mean to rip your bank accounts and dress up, or to wear costly things to impress or wear provocative clothing- you just need to wear something that will flatter your body type. This would be a great way to get his attention. Wear something that will enhance what you think are the best assets on you- chest, legs, buttocks or even the bulge. But leave something for imagination, and don’t be a horny gigolo.

Be approachable

If you are looking at seducing your bottom mate, then let him know you are approachable. Don’t be a snoot, give him a friendly glance now and then, don’t be bored when he is around, give him a curious (not creepy) look, show him you are interested in him and that you are approachable.

So here were things to do to seduce your mate and to get him to make love with you. Do write in and let me know what you would like me to write about next.

Rohan Noronha