Born in the hostel room of the Indian School of Mines, Gaylaxy magazine started out as a brainwave of the current Editor-in-chief Sukhdeep Singh. Frustrated at the paucity of queer magazines chronicling the triumphs, aspirations and concerns of the rainbow coalition of communities and individuals, a desire to create something new was born.

With the help of a few close college friends, the first issue of Gaylaxy magazine was published on the 10thof January 2010. The response was phenomenal, not just from within known circles, but also from strangers, who offered to pitch in for the budding project.

Within days, close to a 1,000 people had visited the magazine and loved it. Gaylaxy never looked back. The second issue saw the launch of the website which in time became a chronicler of events that impacted the queer community, both in the subcontinent and worldwide.

Three years and 24 issues later, we are still trying to bring out new facets, voice evolving concerns and simultaneously learn about the fascinating diversity of the queer community. Some of the original set of people who fashioned the first issue in the ISM hostel are still with us, working tirelessly alongside new people who have enriched the enterprise with their work.

As an archive, a resource for queer news and events, a platform for people to talk about issues no one is talking about, Gaylaxy continues to strive to be a publication that is regular, wide-ranging and of impeccable quality. But we are a small team and slips cannot be ruled out.

If you think Gaylaxy is worth a read or think we can improve something, do write to us. We love feedback but we love you joining us more. Get back to us Happy reading.