The beginning of a new year can feel like an invitation to turn your life around. It all begins with setting healthy living resolutions, as we’ve all indulged a bit too much over the holidays. But before committing to our resolutions, we must get our lives in order, especially if we feel like things have been down lately. Let’s make 2024 the year of getting our lives and minds in order.

Audit your life

When you feel like your life could use a bit of order, you need to figure out which areas could benefit from less chaos. The path to order begins with a life audit. Dump your thoughts on paper and focus on things that bother you, like your physical health, helping your partner deal with stress, falling into a routine, or anything that bothers you. See this as an exercise that will help you figure out where you need to begin.

Make a list of priorities

Now that you’ve written down all the things that bother you, the next step is to separate them into categories. Some categories can be: health, personal development, self-care, physical activity, career, finances, and others. Put them in order based on priority – which one do you want to tackle first, and so on.

Plan your day in advance

If you want to change your behaviour and routines into ones that support growth in all areas that need improvement, you need to stick to a plan. Every day is a new chance to change one per cent and continue adding that one per cent with each day. Get a planner and plan your activities for the next day before you go to bed. This way, you’ll stick to a plan and to your priorities. Even if you don’t follow through with your plan, you’ll know how to plan the next day and make up for lost time. 

Find support

We could use professional support when we decide to get our lives in order and commit to a makeover. Sometimes, that makeover might involve breaking off some ties with friends who aren’t as supportive during this transition. Consider getting support in the form of holistic psychotherapy at Free Your Body as it can be just what you need during this transformative period. Embrace help to free yourself of everything that doesn’t support your growth and personal transformation.

Make time for fun

Even though we’re on the path to creating order, we still need to find time for fun every day. Whether your idea of fun is getting in the mood for love with aroma oils or reading romance novels, block out time in your daily plan for fun only! 

Embrace regular exercise

Exercise is like a universal cure for a lack of motivation and inspiration, and it’s the easiest way to energise yourself for your day. Especially if getting more exercise is one of the areas of improvement, you should commit to having at least thirty minutes of light exercise every day. Physical well-being is intertwined with mental well-being, and committing to an exercise routine can improve your mood and health and motivate you to commit to other life-audit goals.

Strike a work-life balance

Another reason we might seek order in our lives is because something is out of balance on the work-life scale. Even if your life audit revealed that you want to prioritise career goals, don’t do it at the expense of your personal goals. So, strike a balance between these two, as it’s always better to know where the fine line is so you won’t tip the balance and end up with burnout. 

Work on your mindset

The key to succeeding with your plan is to prioritise areas of life that need order, you’ll still face some challenges along the way. The key to overcoming a challenge is having the right mindset. Cultivate a positive mindset to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. Discover the benefits of challenging your thoughts, especially negative ones that are based on your beliefs, not on facts. 

Don’t forget to work on your time management skills, as getting your life in order requires time and efficiency. It’s not about having enough time, it’s all about setting the right priorities and committing to things that serve you.