Queer Musician releases Steamy Music Video Redefining On-Screen Portrayals of Queer Intimacy and Sex

Indie artist Magnus Riise has released his new music video for his single “Until Tomorrow,” where an emotionally complex relationship is portrayed entirely through the lens of queer sex.

Starring opposite Magnus in the video is openly queer and HIV+ actor HERNANDO UMANA (Kinky Boots). “This video fearlessly tackles the misconception and stigma surrounding HIV and undetectable individuals. It serves as a powerful reminder that love knows no bounds and that sexual health is a shared responsibility regardless of HIV status. Being a part of this music video signifies an opportunity to contribute to a movement that amplifies marginalized voices,” says Hernando.

Magnus adds: “Queer sex on screen, while increasingly more common, is typically portrayed in a very heteronormative way. Through a patriarchal lens we can recognize. Who is the man? Who is the woman? We have also become very desensitized to portrayals of what it means for a woman to pleasure a man. And portrayals of commonplace ways queer people and women receive pleasure is automatically considered dirtier and more scandalous. Through the emotional story of this video, it was important to me that the intimacy and sexual experience felt authentic in a way that people within the community could recognize and relate to.”

HIV Plus Magazine writes: “This globally-accepted scientific fact is known as “Undetectable Equals Untransmittable,” or U=U, and it’s been incredibly sexually-liberating for many people living with HIV. And now queer Norwegian-American musician Magnus Riise is helping to bring attention to the the U=U movement in his super-sexy new music video “Until Tomorrow.”

While the song is not at all about HIV, the decision to cast Kinky Boots star Hernando Umana, who happens to be living with HIV, as his one-night lover in the video is significant. It shows Riise is aware of the science of U=U and wants to illustrate that people living with HIV can have just as fun, fulfilling, and spontaneous sex lives as anyone else.””

“Until Tomorrow” is the title song from Magnus’ debut EP that dropped April 30th. The music video for “Until Tomorrow” marks the second installment in a series of five music videos, culminating in a fully visual EP. The video is available to watch on YouTube, and the song can be streamed on all major music platforms.

“Until Tomorrow” is now live at: https://youtu.be/sf8N5UBimok