Hi, lovelies,

Finally, I am here to share this with you all, I and @razzzidevi are going to be parents. It is so special and awesome for me to come and share with you all this news that we are welcoming a new part of our soul to this world. As a trans-non-binary person, I couldn’t ever think of a day and which word to fix for me as to be a parent. But, I feel comfortable and prepared to be called a Dad.

I never thought I could be a parent and the thought itself would make me scared. All we wanted was to go with the flow and accept what the universe offers. It felt very surreal for me to walk into the ultrasound lab and listen to the heartbeat and them moving. Felt as if a part of myself was blossoming into beauty. I feel lucky and loveable to have Raji next to me and to make every day of my life beautiful. I may be one of the first every drag performers who is also becoming a biological Dad.

As an openly bi person, having a child of my own was always a dream and for me to be able to think of it was a rollercoaster of emotions. It was always Raji’s and my decision to come out and share this with pride. We are aware that this news, would create a mix of reactions among people, which would also include questions about my choices. But all I could say was there is nothing more joyful in my life than having to live this reality. I waited long for this and always had a vision of having my baby on board.

The reason I was in drag to post this was that I wanted to be my true self. Sharing glitter and glam with my baby and celebrating it widely. I feel very excited to be a dad who is a drag queen. I do have some drag kids but this is a special edition.

Now this journey is not easy, I am still not prepared to face the reality of how to raise them, give them support or teach them to fight discrimination, which they would face because of my queerness, but one thing we are aware of is that we want to raise our kid as we wanted to be raised ourselves. All we could do is teach love empathy and joy to them.

I got the courage to speak about it only by seeing strong queer couples being themselves and celebrating their new journeys with kids. We are sharing this with you all and hope to receive love and support in this journey.

Wish us good luck and wish Raji great health. Shower some love on this little one

Patruni Chidananda Sastry
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