Poem: I Wish

I wish we could have become the friends that we started out to be
Maybe we could have gone the path that I had started out to see

I wish we could have stayed on a bit longer when we crossed our paths
Maybe then the end could have been as wonderful as the start

I wish we could turn the clock back on what was totally divine
Oh, I wish all the biggest faults were not totally mine

I wish it wouldn’t still hurt when I look back
Maybe I should have known then, what I did lack

I wish I knew if you had ever felt alone
I wish the only way to touch you was not through your phone

I wish there were a billion friends like you
So I wouldn’t always realize what I lost with you

I wish we knew the ways of the Lord
Oh I wish I didn’t break down every time I talked to God

I wish we could have tried to make it last
Oh I so wish I could re-do the past

I wish we could have used words to fill what was unsaid
Maybe I should have listened more to what little was said

I wish we could still call each other as bro
But I know I lost that right, and rightly so

Oh, I wish we could have stayed on as friends
‘Coz I know we would have worked it out in the end

Most of all, I wish I was there when your tears were shed
But believe me, it was also my heart that bled

Until then I knew we were apart
But then reality dawned that I was not…a part

Amit Rai
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