Amit Rai

कविता: उम्मीद

मेरे तकिए की नमी ये गवाह देती है कि, टूटके, बिखरके, मैं कैसे सिमटता हूँ

कविता: रिश्ते

जो समाज कि नज़र से न डरते थे कभी, वो "लोग क्या कहेंगे" सोच के झिजकते भी हैं

Amit Rai

Amit Rai identifies as a proud gay man, being partly out (it’s a process!) to his family and friends. He is introverted, loves to write and dreams of travelling to several places while sitting on his couch. He can usually be found at a corner of his house adding things to his ever growing bucket list and wondering when he would get to do those. At other times, he can be found playing strategy games like Clash of clans. He is fiercely political and vocal about his beliefs on social media. He is an also an equal rights supporter. He is currently working on his dream to be an author and is writing his first book (Hindi, fiction) that will be out soon.