In an affidavit submitted to the Patna High Court, Bihar Government has said that it is committed to “respectful representation” of transgender people in public employment, and will set up a separate unit of Transgender Police Personnel called Special Unit (Transgender) at each district under the District SP, LiveLaw has reported.

The affidavit states: “The Government is sincere to give respectful representation of person belonging to transgenders communities The object of giving respectful representation in public employment is the inclusion of the transgenders into mainstream of the society as well as to boost their morale and thereby motivating them to deliver best ie. good society. It would also help to change the perception of the society towards transgenders.”

The affidavit also mentions that as per Resolution No 386 dated 14.01.2021, transgender people are eligible for reservations in public service. However, a separate battalion for transgender people is not feasible as the population of the community is 0.039% of the total population of the State. Further, the government said, “Possibility of eligible candidate of transgender community for appointment of constable and sub inspector of Police would also very low. In above situation, it is considered practical to create a separate unit of Transgender Police Personnel named as Special Unit(Transgender) at the District Level under the District S.P.”

The bench comprising of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S. Kumar appreciated the efforts of the government and said, “Even though, the unit is small, but it is a big step in acknowledging the identity of the persons belonging to such community having a total population of about forty thousand persons which is 0.039% of total population of Bihar.”

Sukhdeep Singh