A Job Fair exclusively for LGBT+ people

The RISE Job Fair gives queer job seekers a safe space and platform to search for jobs, bringing their skills to the table, without fear of being judged or discriminates because on their gender identities and sexual orientations.

कविता: उम्मीद

मेरे तकिए की नमी ये गवाह देती है कि, टूटके, बिखरके, मैं कैसे सिमटता हूँ

समलैंगिक पीड़

मीठा कहते है लोग पर, आता नहीं कोई प्रेम की मीठी खीर लेके

Visual Media & Queer Representation – Miles to Go

The problem with such materials being shown on a regular basis is that it not only discourages the society at large to change their outlook towards the queer community but also hampers the healthy psychological growth of a young queer person