Poem: Unlock the Woman in Me

Run your index on the undulated plateau of my lower midriff
Make me feel as if you are my beloved maple leaf
Rub gently the globes of my rump and hold
Love me like a desire hard to be easily sold.

Entangle my wish of freedom by your dictatorial bondage
Lock my shameless shame between your leg’s cage
Play the guittar on my skin with your rugged fingers in tune so arousing
Hold the veins of my wrist in the music of love making.

Make me feel the warmth of your manhood, hold me so close
Let my lifeless skin mix with yours like petals of rose
Let my arid neckline be wetted with the precipitation of your lips
May blood moons become my necklace as the night slips.

Quench the thirst of my lifeless eyes, let them dew tonight
Smudge the pink off my uneven lips, make them red and bright
Only your touch of life and youth can rebuild my fading beauty.

Love my lonely face like you hate your life’s duality
Caress the plains of my chest as I loose myself to you
Gift me the gown of your secret love that your hands sew
May this night never fall as you fall inside me
Unlock tonight the caged woman dying inside my wrong body.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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