#RhymeAndReason: Duality of My Man

Am the cabaret in the bar of your alcoholic eyes
Which acts happy in day and in the night it cries
Those red veins of your eyes sews the gown on my flesh
And I dance and sing the opera of a life caged in a mesh.

The red of your blood eyes, paint my lips
Glitters my beauty,  a tear that slips 
The feather of your hair makes a prop for me
You dress me the way you want yourself to be.

You are chained by the chains of your choice
For others to be happy, you didn’t raise your voice
Courage you had to deal with duality
You are your own calamity.

I am your peace, am your addiction, am the peg you drink
Under a silent dark sky till the sunrays blink
Back home she lies alone on a bed of marriage
Awaiting for years to find the love from a bondage.

As the sky turns blue, my gown vanishes away
So does lipstick and glitters in the same way
I still wear a pink smile and I spend another day in pride
And you become the masked man again on a dual ride.

This poem is among the 13 shortlisted poems under the Rhyme and Reason contest by Rainbow Literature Festival and Gaylaxy, and supported by The QKnit that was held in May

Abhishek Chakraborty
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