Until I lost my expensive shame, I dwelt in starvation of fame
The more I lost, the higher I stepped, and on the stairs my shame wept
Those who had used me as a toy of fantasy, now sit on the chairs of the classy
I appear on the silver cloth to throb a market of money,
And through their hunger filled eyes, they taste me.

Under my wig, lies the truth of my gender, you may spot a man as you remove my bronzer
The winged eyeliner never took a flight, those men never noticed the dreams I sight
On the bed of naked, I fearlessly lie back waiting to be preyed
They were elites, the tasteful entities, with a bizarre taste to ruin my twenties.

It pained and I reigned the stage of seduction, never couraged to ask the need of such attention
I fell in the well of universe’s deepest desire, where dreams die on sexual pyre.

Now in the emptiness of a draining youth and ever flourishing age,
I am all alone and lonely in my separate cage.
They have aged to be whites and grays,
But their tongues get wet only for young preys.

This poem is among the 13 shortlisted poems under the Rhyme and Reason contest by Rainbow Literature Festival and Gaylaxy,and supported by The Qknit,that was held in May.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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