After Criticism, Noida Metro Authorities Name Sector 50 Metro Station as “Rainbow Station”

After being criticised by LGBTQ community members, Noida Metro Rail Corporation has decided to name the Noida Sector 50 metro station as Rainbow Station instead of SheMan station.

The metro authorities had decided to raise awareness about transgender people and their rights by renaming the Noida Sector 50 metro station. However, they chose a name that was unanimously slammed as being offensive, insulting and inappropriate by members of the LGBTQ community. Many expressed their shock on twitter too. Following this, the authorities have now decided to name the station as Rainbow station.

“We have started the initiative to name the station after transgender community with a noble intention to empower the community. We had invited suggestions from individuals and NGOs about naming the station to signify the essence of the community and honour their spirit. We have plans to employ them and also respect the sentiment,” said Ritu Maheshari CEO of the Noida authority and managing director of NMRC.

Apart from the renaming, Noida metro authorities plan on different initiatives at the station, like separate queue for transgender people at security check, separate trans toilets, as well as employing trans people for various posts and duties at the station.

Sukhdeep Singh