Poem: Being Queer

No matter how
accepting society
becomes it’s hard being a
You feel you’re not part of
like you don’t belong

Queers and gays are not
sexual deviants,
No, we’re not missing any

Being Queer is not evil
or a curse,
It’s not something we
practice or rehearsed.

It’s not a sin, wrong,
weird or strange,
It’s not a phase or
something we can

No one should have to
hide who they truly are,
We are not retarded no
need to lower the bar.

We all have our inner
demon and things we fear,
Gay-bashing only
happens if you’re a Queer.

We should be allowed to
love who we love,
Two people same gender
don’t make a federal case

From day one all we
hear is that we have a
It’s like always getting the
short end of the straw.

Most of us choose not to
wear a mask,
Why you choose to be
Queer the question they

We hear a lot of we
won’t ask you don’t tell,
They pray for us were
headed straight for hell.

After all we are part of
the human race,
Your opinion shows all
over your face.

Debbie Middaugh
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