One of Kolkata’s oldest and most renowned universities, Presidency University will introduce the freshers to LGBT issues during its Freshers’ Welcome Aabahon ’16. Gaylaxy Magazine has partnered with ISPAT – the socio-cultural forum of Presidency University- to hold an event titled Breaking The Closet at the Freshers’ Welcome, and sensitise young students on issues and difficulties related to coming out for LGBT individuals.

Saumyadeep Ghosh, one of the members of ISPAT, said, “ISPAT has always tried to be an inclusive platform, and this year, we thank Gaylaxy Magazine to extend its support in helping us organize ‘Breaking the Closet’. Happening for the first time ever in Presidency University, we intend to smash homophobia and transphobia by a simple exercise involving participants speaking on the word ‘Closet’ for 30 seconds.”

The event will be in the form of a contest where participants will be asked to speak on the theme ‘Closet’ for 30 seconds. The most innovative talk will be awarded a prize. This will be interspersed with LGBT individuals sharing their real-life stories.

Sukhdeep Singh