On a faulty starry dream…..
My visions rambled of salad days,
when we held hands together!
Sliding your dark ringlets, I wish I could find the fault in your eyes
Mocking my retain to hold you tight, I was left so forlorn
Nausea in eyes, that they had…..
‘I just love you, girl’
Dont ask me why!; I know you’re shy, Gosh!
The menace you?
Let’s Slide these rusted bars!

Let your Senses aura our love, not their Straightest shackles…
Dont leave me in a sink of queries, ok?
Just let me confine our breaths to the fullest, my love
A lady mingles with her sweetie, they feel so bitter….
Love is the same scent, don’t you now smell it as litter
Beneath the purple sky, beside the french couch…….

Wish, I could just be with you…
I know, all this would be lost…..
In a couple of fleeting lovely frames, we had
But, remember, I still love you, so don’t be sad
After ages, are dry with ideal love poems….
we would shine as peerless lovers, in a blonde shed

”Ay, you my princess, don’t you dare to weep”
I shall tear the cosmic ideal pages, just to make you feel jolly
Remember, the dawn, I said, “I love you kate”
So, anxious, fluttered and shy, with all bunch of crowd staring
You were choiceless, but still caring

I liked the fair, jolly, madam
I lusted a pure lady, for nothing but love
I tickled your curves a bit, and you sprouted out
“o..o…ohh…stop tickling karry”
Now, so lone, so deep sunken, I crave you
I still don’t find the fault in your eyes!

Karry Mighel
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