Poem: The Darkness Behind Me

How special to know your identity
To wear it with impunity
And walk tall among society
Confident of your gender singularity.

But there is living inside of me
More than the average duality
Rather a spectrum of she and he,
And the places between this binary.

Though I present with masculinity,
And the body carries a certain femininity
The mind lacks this polarity
And sees gender as a fluid continuity.

We have a picture in society
Of gender as a simple binary
Not to mention the ignoramy
Of heteronormativity.

But a rainbow lives inside of me,
A fluidity unable to be free
Because some walk tall in society
Confident we must all have gender singularity.

You’re the darkness behind me
The shroud of demanded conformity
An exhausting solidarity
That says I must bottle my fluidity.

Can you open your mind to gender plurality
And the beautiful spectrum of sexuality?
Because you can still walk tall, in singularity,
While accepting gender and sexual multiplicity.