Watch: Actor Kunal Kapoor Extends His Support To LGBTQ Community

Support for the LGBTQ community keeps pouring in and getting larger each day, and this time it is actor Kunal Kapoor. In a video posted online by Harmless Hugs, the actor shares his thoughts on a number of issues, including Section 377. He says how inter-racial marriages too were looked down upon and banned for a long time, and so it is a matter fo time before homosexuality is decriminalised in India. In the video, Kunal Kapoor, who is also the co-founder of Ketto, urges people to donate for the Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival. Harmless Hugs, which is organising the Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival between Dec 10-11, is raising funds via Ketto. You can contribute here.


Sukhdeep Singh