In an unprecedented first time, the prestigious Indian Panorama will include a film that exposes the violation faced by gay, lesbian and transgender persons due to the draconian law Sec 377 and the history of the Indian LGBT community.

Director Sridhar Rangayan said enthusiastically, “This is indeed huge, especially considering the topic is highly controversial and also very political. The film is honest and highlights the issues of the community without sensationalising. I compliment the maturity of the jury members and the unbiased attitude of the government in including this film”.

As part of the Indian Panorama, ‘Breaking Free’ will screen at the International Film Festival of India in Goa on November 26th at 12.15 pm. The film will also be programmed at various other festivals in India and abroad as part of the Indian Panorama program by the Directorate of Film Festivals.

“The inclusion of our film in this prestigious program is momentous, because it allows a large and diverse audience to see the film, thereby mainstreaming issues of the beleaguered Indian LGBT community, who have been severely affected by the Supreme Court’s decision recriminalizing homosexuality in 2013,” said Rangayan.

Produced by Solaris Pictures, with crowdfunding, this feature-length documentary interweaves testimonies of gay and transgender persons who have been victimized or exploited by police, family, law & society as well as wide-ranging interviews of advocates and activists across India. Breaking Free, offers an emotional roller-coaster journey of the Indian LGBT movement – from invisibility to empowerment.

It has already travelled to festivals in USA, Canada, UK, Prague, Indonesia, China and Philippines. The film received an A certificate without cuts from the Indian censor board.

“The film makes a powerful statement that the Indian LGBT community is not a miniscule minority, and that their voice needs to be heard, and their issues need to be address urgently. The human rights violations against them have to be put to an end immediately by the judiciary and government,” said Rangayan, “I hope our voices will be heard loud and clear now.”