Prop 8


Henry Juhala details on the politics behind Prop 8 in California Between 1980 and 2000 I attended a number of “gay weddings” in California. Years later, in 201... Read More...
Gaylaxy Cover

Story Behind Gaylaxy

It was surprising and frustrating that no one was specifically catering to the demand of the community, and Indian gay community had to keep scouring the net for such reports.
Gay Movie Brokeback

Romantic Movies

So, what’s your idea of a romantic date? How does watching a romantic movie sound to you? If romance is what you are looking for, either in real or reel life; t... Read More...


February is a month when not only the flowers bloom, but love also blossoms everywhere, in everyone’s heart. Love is not defined as straight or gay, love is lov... Read More...
Gay pride


  The struggle has been a long one… The case dragged for 8 years…But alas, the sun shone on this side of the world too, and the rights that we were depri... Read More...