Noida Police Bust Gang Trapping and Looting Gay People Through Grindr, Arrest 3

Noida police on Sunday busted a gang and arrested 3 people who would entrap gay men through app Grindr and looted them of their valuables. Police arrested Vishal and Shehzad, along with their accomplice from Noida Phase 2-Dadri Road Stand and recovered not just stolen/looted goods, but also weapons.

According to the police, they would meet people after chatting them up on Grindr and then demand money. If the person refused, they would beat them up and would also give them electric shock using an electronic torch and run away after looting them.

Vishal met his latest victim on 4th September and brought 3 others – Shehzad, Rahul Sharma and Ankur- along with him. They then demanded money from their victim, and when he refused, gave him electric shock via the torch. They then snatched his mobile phone, his debit and credit cards and another Rs 4500. The victim was dropped at Noida Extension before they flee.

Police have recovered gold chains, mobile phones, watches, money and also seized a Santro car. The fourth accused in the case Ankur is yet to be arrested.

Note: There have been increasing incidences of gay men being looted on a date in Delhi-NCR. Such men often threaten to out people and then blackmail and extort money. On refusal, they beat them up and loot their valuables. If you find yourself in such a situation, immediately call police or a friend or reach out to an organisation. Also, read this guide on how to deal with extortion.

Sukhdeep Singh