Gay Story

Short Story: The Silence of the Graves

Numair didn't want to correct him. Did it really matter? Would it undo things? He felt he should have been firm, but he was so helplessly in love that he blindly followed Zul in whatever he did.

Story : The Trip (Part 2/2)

Whenever Shouvik asked Shambo to meet him, he always had some excuse ready and the two times when he finally could meet him, he was already with his partner.
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Story : The Trip (Part 1)

Looking at the mirror he looked at his gentle face worn out with time and the upheavals of life. This is the first time in his life after coming out as gay that he had found somebody who seemed willing to reciprocate his feelings.

Short Story: Hope

He waited breathlessly for Kashish to come. Standing in the dark, surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes on a hot humid night was not his cup of tea. But then agai... Read More...

Short Story: SURYA

I look at him; he’s handsome. I’m sure many men would want to have sex with him. I wonder if he does. For the extra money maybe.

Short Story: Pansy

I cycled to the right spot, a bend in the narrow road, a wall on one side, the bright green jungle on the other. I settled on the huge rock and took out my... Read More...

Short Story: My Mother

One fine day, I decided to try out my mom’s shoes – a pair of high heeled white pumps. She always kept them hidden at the back of her closet in a velvety bo... Read More...