Very Short Story: The Addict

“I want more,” he thought. As he put himself inside him, eyes closed, seeing into nothing, every cell in his body grasping for the little biological pleasure they could get. A poor ecstasy. The smell of sweat , the semen, the wetness, the pain that he gave him and the little he reverted, he wanted more, all of it. He could hear the boy moaning beneath his body, as he thrust himself inside him, vigorously. He didn’t care about the pain he gave to this young beautiful man he had met in a dark alley. He just wanted more sex. He was addicted to it. It had become him. He was a bear, mounted on top of a sheep, crushing its frail body about to kill it. He could dimly see the climax or least imagine it. For the sheep, the moans became screams and the pleasure became pain but the bear wanted more. More thrusting, more thumping. More, the human greed.

Then in a second his penis gave a twitch, his eyes rolled back in their sockets and he came. The erection vanished with the seed inside the boy.

The boy kissed and fell asleep beside him while he thought “I want more.”

Ajeya Chauhan
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