Coming Out in Front of My Class

I am Arnav Kumar. I am from Kuwait but currently I am residing in Mumbai. Since childhood, I was different than everyone else. I used to walk, talk and sing like a girl.

After my father’s death, I shifted from Kuwait to Mumbai. I was at a new place, afraid to make friends because everyone around me had also judged me and mocked me by saying “Gay”. I wasn’t even aware what the word meant, so I would just ignore people. When I finally learnt what it meant, I was shocked. But it is true, I am Gay.

Ignoring the taunts of others was of no use, as the harassment and mockery was increasing day by day. Then one day during a lecture on gender, religion and caste, our teacher was telling that we are all equal no matter what gender we are. After listening to her, I said to God that I completely surrender to Him. I was done faking and I wanted to be the real me. So in the next lecture of the same teacher, I stood up before all 46 students of the class and announced that I am Gay. As I revealed this truth about myself, I started crying. I was afraid, nervous, but there I had said it. I had come out to the entire class! For some moment there was complete silence in the class.

The silence was broken with laud applause from all the students as well as my teacher. The entire class was standing on its feet, standing with me, applauding my truth. Soon the entire school came to know and people came up to me and saluted my courage.

The same day I opened up to my mother. She was shocked and surprised, but it was my brother who was angry with me. But I am grateful to God because my mother has accepted me for who I am. She cried and hugged me saying that she loves me and will always support me no matter what.

From my experience I have learned that in this world there are people who are different no matter what. They can be black, fat, poor, women or LGBTQ. So I think the best way to stick around with people is love. Love is love. That’s the title of my life too.

Arnav Kumar
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