Poem: How You Misused 377

I tried and tried to satisfy what you expected,
But couldn’t control the sands in hand, I failed!
The sands of my ownness, poured out of my fist,
You should have understood what I expected at least!!

Rather being supportive, you behaved abusive
Never you understood how I want to live
You shamed me in public, you secluded me away
You called me diseased, what else I could say?

I still breathed, and supported myself, for I knew
The wait will be over and I wouldn’t be a fallen dew
My cries, my prayers were heard after two and a half centuries
Apex court has finally legalised me and my privacies

Sixth of September wasn’t a day for outlashed happiness.
I was contained in myself in a state of numbness.
A film of what you did ran flashing in a series through my eyes,
Although I now have rights, but that pain still somewhere lies.

I so wished that I could drag you to courts of law
For the threats you gave and the fears I saw

Amidst the darkness you made me go through, I became strong
Yes I am confident now and I know can walk a way long

I told you four years back,
I will win, you just dismissed me
What now can I say everything is there what you see!!

You used me for nights for the actual desires you had.
You shamed me in public in days to become a dude lad!!
I never felt bad except when you would call me names!
I was dumb, I thought we were soul flames!!

All those dreamy dreams you would promise, never was made realistic.
You are now proven wrong, that is what makes me ecstatic.
I wish you all the best like I wished the day you married.
And the day when she told me what she carried.

I wish you all the best like I wished the day you became a father
I wish you all the best if your son someday comes out as a queer.

An advice if you can keep, never abuse him like me
Love him, understand him, he might be the way he’s ought to be.
And for everything else, have an open heart and love
Hatred kills you, hence, become a lovely dove.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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