Dear Dar is an upcoming movie that releases on 13th May and stars Arvind Swamy as a father who wants to tell a secret to his son, and takes him to a road trip. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, and the promotions are also mostly silent on whether there is a homosexual sub-plot. Yet, after watching the trailer, you can’t help but feel that this is a coming out story of a gay father. Dialogues like “Main Badal Nahi sakta” only add more credence to our suspicion. What further make us confident that it indeed is a story with a homosexual father is this New York Times article about gay themed movies in India fighting taboos citing Dear Dad as well. Like the makers of Kapoor & Sons, probably the producers of Dear Dad don’t want to create unnecessary controversy or alienate the conservative Indian audience, and hence have kept mum on the plot.

Sukhdeep Singh