Watch: A Mother in her Late 70s Shares How She Accepted her Gay Son

Many people in India live a closeted life because they fear ostracisation, mockery and violence if they come out. Fear of losing their loved ones prevents many from coming out, especially to their family or parents. But it is not just LGBT people who struggle to come out. Even parents find it tough and confusing when their child comes out to them, primarily because they do not have enough knowledge on this topic, and also because of the societal pressure and norms. And while it is common to read or hear what gay people felt when they came out, we don’t focus on what parents felt or went through when they got to know their child is gay.

The Parents as Allies series of Gaylaxy focuses on the story of parents. In our first video we talk to Dr Veena Rangnekar, mother of Sharif Rangnekar. Sharif came out to his mom in 1999, when the discourse on LGBT rights had still not become a part of TV news debate and discussion. But Dr. Veena struggled to understand what being gay meant, and when she grasped the meaning, her first thought was that her son had to live with this secret for so long.

And she has a wonderful message for other parents as well. Watch her story

Sukhdeep Singh