Queer Lifestyle and Cooking Show To Be Launched on Aug 24

A Queer Lifestyle and Cooking show, hosted by Nakshtara Bagwe and presented by swagdeal.in and paramplay.com, is set to launch on August 24th. The show will be released on Paramplay website and app.

The show, titled ‘Closet to Kitchen with Nakshatra Bagwe’, will feature 10 inspiring people from various sections of the queer community of Mumbai and surrounding areas. Nakshatra Bagwe, the show’s host, will visit homes of inspiring ‘cook/chef’ (in some cases a couple or a family) from the queer community. The participants will demonstrate a recipe or two for the viewers while having a casual conversation with Nakshatra Bagwe highlighting their journey and struggles as a queer person.

“Whenever I watched any show like FOX Traveler about cooking, life and visiting new people and places, I would wonder why no such show was dedicated to the queer community. We have a lot of stories to tell, stories of happiness, sorrows, struggles and aspirations. I knew it would require some backup from a production house. The team of Swagdeal.in & Paramplay had set up a meeting with me and in the first meeting itself, they agreed and here we are presenting – India’s First Queer Lifestyle & Cookery Show ‘Closet to Kitchen with Nakshatra Bagwe’. This was always a dream project for me so I am living my dream,” said Nakshatra Bagwe.

The idea of the show is to highlight the struggle and fighting spirit of the queer community and also to teach new recipes to the viewers. Different sections of the queer community from diverse class, religion, social & regional background will be part of it. From a professional chef to someone who had to learn cooking for the survival, from a small room in chawl to a bungalow, the struggles would be different- positive or even negative but two things common in all of these participants- they all want to smile and they love cooking!

The people behind the show believe that along with motivating the viewers to hit the kitchen and learn cooking or new recipes, these stories will help people to come out of the closet and to be themselves.

Sukhdeep Singh