The Best Lubricants to Apply On Sex Toys

Application of sex lubricants on private parts of body and sex toys is a modern approach that ensures to lead safer and smoother sex and masturbation. Sex lubricants are mainly designed to change the unsafe methods of wetting viginal area, penis, and sex toys while having either sex or masturbation. They are very safe to use as well as lead to having smoother and pleasant sex and masturbation compared to applying saliva on private parts and sex toys.

Avoid Using Unsafe Methods

Most adults in India still use unsafe methods of wetting their man or woman’s private parts. They use their saliva and spit to wet their partners’ vaginal/anal area and penis. It may give them pleasure and fun in bed but it is not an appropriate way. Some use low-quality local-made oil which is also unsafe. These unsafe methods can lead to serious infections and injuries in private parts of both men and women which can turn into a big problem in the future. So, it is wiser to choose the safest way to avoid these kinds of infections and injuries.

This also applies to those people in India who are very fascinated with sex toys. If you are one of those adults who use sex toys to masturbate then you also need to avoid using unsafe methods of wetting your private parts and dildos. Sex toys in India are very popular among adults. According to a report, Indians are one of the biggest buyers of sex toys in the world which shows the extreme interest of Indians towards sex toys. But do you know that lack of sex education among Indians sometimes leads them to face some serious issues while using sex toys? That’s why it is very important to learn the right way of using sex toys.

Here in this post, we will discuss the best sex lubricants which every man and woman can use while having sex or while masturbating with sex toys. This an appropriate way instead of unsafe methods.

Sex Lubes

Sex lubes or Sex lubricant is a liquid or gel used for wetting vagina, anus, and penis while having sex. It also can be applied to sex toys while masturbating. Indians who buy dildo in India can get lubes while shopping sex toys in festive seasons. However, most of the time, you will have to pay for buying lubes. The manufacturers of sex lubricants introduced it in the market prioritizing safe and smooth sex and changing the approach of the people. It is a modern approach to have a safe, pleasant, and romantic sex and masturbation.

Mainly, there are three types of sex lubricants including oil-based lube, water-based lube, and silicone-based lube. These have different properties and characteristics and at the same time, these all are very safe and effective to lead romantic sex and masturbation. If you are one of those adults who still use saliva, spit, and local-made oil then you need to change your approach. You can choose your favorite lube out of these three different types.

Water-Based Lube

Water-based lubes are the most preferred sex lubes. They are very easy to use and the safest for your skin and private parts. Gently apply it on your sex toy, penis, and vagina/anus then move ahead to have smooth and pleasant masturbation or sex. It also can be applied to condoms during sex. The biggest advantages you get with this kind of sex lube are; easy and smooth application on your toys, does not leave stains on your bedsheets, and easy to wash after reaching the peak of orgasm. You do not need to put extra effort to nicely clean your dildo and private parts. Just take some lukewarm water and nicely rinse it. Also, these kinds of lubes are perfect for masturbating devices. If you buy a dildo in India, then you should also invest some money on water-based lubes as they lead to smooth masturbation and do not damage the outer surface of sex toys. This is why these lubes are the most preferred sex lubricants.

Oil-Based lube

As the name suggests, oil-based lubes are oily gel or lotion used for the same purposes as water-based lube. They are also safer and more effective than applying saliva and spit on your sex toy and private parts of the body. For those people, who do not want to be bothered by applying the lube repeatedly, this kind of lube is perfect for them. Once you apply it to your dildo and private parts of your body, you do not need to apply it again as it lasts longer. Just 3-4 drops of oil-based lube are enough to have smooth and pleasurable masturbation with sex toys. The downside of this kind of sex lube is that oil lube is not easily removable from sex toys and your body parts. You need to rinse both your toy and body parts with a body wash. Also, it can leave stains on your bed sheet if you use it while having sex and masturbation on bed. You must not use oil based lube with condoms as it would break/tear the condom.

Silicone-Based Sex Lube

Silicone-based sex lube makes both men and women feel a silky touch on their sensitive body parts. It is also widely preferred by adults all over the world. Similar to an oil-based lube, it lasts longer and offers smooth and silky romantic experiences, and is safer to use with condoms too. So, if you want a lube that can stay longer, then it is another option for you. Go for it to have amazing sex and masturbating experience with sex toys. However, the downside of silicone based lubes is that it can damage the outer surface of your sex toys. So, it depends on you whether to choose the decent and the safest water-based sex lube or oil and silicone-based sex lube. Good luck!