Logging Out : A short movie

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A scene from the short movie Logging Out

A short movie, aptly titled “Logging Out”, was released on Youtube yesterday by Nakshatra. The 7 minute movie revolves around a young man of 19 yrs who, like most gay men in a conservative society like India, is trying his luck at finding a soul mate through the virtual world. However, the young lad soon finds out that love is not easy to come by, and even those who claim to be looking for more than a random hook-up, in the very second chat would ask you for your nude pics.

The movie touches a part of you inside, and as you watch it, it shall remind you of the days when you were young and had just discovered the endless possibilities that the virtual world provided. When you still had that twinkle in your eyes every time you sat down to chat with someone, who would claim that he was looking for a serious relationship; but just as you would think you were hitting off with someone, a request for exchange of “hot pics” would come from the other side and a refusal to comply with the demand could mean a complete silence from that side.

Logging Out also forces one to ponder over whether it is so important to see the other person in nude before you even chat with the person? Such requests aren’t uncommon in the various gay dating sites, where while some will only have pictures of their private parts on display, others will ask for the pics of your private parts before they proceed any further with you. And if that remains the criteria to start any kind of relationship, will love ever find its way through lust?

Without a single dialogue, the movie is able to send you back to the time when you were young, immature, and may be gullible. Although his first attempt at movie making, Nakshatra has done a wonderful job with the theme that he decided to depict. Full points to the lad for his efforts.

Sukhdeep Singh