Walk of Shame

Usually walk of shame happens when you have had sex with a total stranger, and you just regret having done that while getting back home in the morning. But, t... Read More...
Gay Couple Cartoon

Sex is Overrated

Finally I had sex for the time.  I found him on Grindr. If you see my profile, it will tell you that I am not into one night stands, I have no eligibi... Read More...

I was Raped on my Date

It hurt so much that I was in a lot of pain and agony. I was barely conscious and was trying my best to resist, but in vain.
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Logging Out : A short movie

A short movie, aptly titled "Logging Out", was released on Youtube  yesterday by Nakshatra.  The 7 minute movie revolves around a young man of 19 yrs who, l... Read More...