#RhymeAndReason: The Midnight Date

Twitter dms to texts,
Texts to video calls,
Video calls to
The very first date;
You said you liked walks at night,
coffee and marine drive;
This is our first date-
2 am – Marine drive,
coffee – you and me;
You hold me with your eyes,
Just your eyes,
I feel loved
Loved like no other
Has ever loved me before;
You smile,
The one that melts me
Like an ice cream
On a hot summer afternoon;
We hold hands,
My heart pounds so loud
I can almost hear it over the waves;
The butterflies in my stomach
Are now fluttering their way
Up towards my heart;
My heart suddenly feels full,
I smile back;
And at this very moment,
Life feels alot more easy,
Calm and uncomplicated.

This poem is among the 13 shortlisted poems under the Rhyme and Reason contest by Rainbow Literature Festival and Gaylaxy,and supported by The Qknit,that was held in May.

Kasturi Sanyal
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