#RhymeAndReason: Behind Closed Doors

Cross your legs
When you sit
You have a reputation
To keep up with
You’re a lady
Show some elegance
Sure you can stay ove
Everyone knows you are “close friends”
You’re a good girl
You know what to do
Find a husband
With a name and a fortune
You know what they say
Good girls are the ones who never get caught
Pull their hair back in a pony
Never smoke or do shots
Mama told you to behave
And to not mess around with guys
Now she is asking to pull down your skirt
And hide the lipstick on your thighs
Be our human Barbie
And we will decide your worth
Always keep that picture perfect smile
Even if you are broke or hurt
Because you were born to bear pain
You know the stereotype
You are strong,
you know Still you will need a man to survive
And no one can judge
If they don’t know
Make sure you hold hands
Behind closed doors
Hurry, make it stop
Before they suspect
Make sure it doesn’t beat anymore
Before you keep it in the closet

This is one of four of the best poems from the just concluded Rhyme & Reason competition

Shambhavi Dewedi
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