Mascared curtains keeping in
The depth of kohled dark secrets 
What mysteries do they carry 
Leaving me spell bound 
Like the spaces between the collar bones 
Holding tightly the softness 
And the confidence of womanhood 

Or it is the goosebumps 
Left by the kiss of cold breeze 
At the nape of neck 
And the dusk brushing off its golden shades 
In the middle of breasts 

Or maybe it’s the freckles 
Between the shoulder blades 
The way bones curve 
Like a sharp bow 
Below the navel 

The parting of lips whispering 
The mellifluous song of revolution
Healing the trauma of generations 
Carved into the bones of our kind 

Maybe it’s this 
Or a thousand other things 
I still don’t know what it is 
What it is about women that I love

Shambhavi Dewedi
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