Sex is Overrated

Finally I had sex for the time. 

I found him on Grindr. If you see my profile, it will tell you that I am not into one night stands, I have no eligibility criteria, I love meeting good people. I chatted for a while and then we planned to meet as his place was just 8 minutes away from my home. A casual meeting. I did not buy any condoms. I went to his place, he offered me dinner, I was full but he insisted. So I had salad. It was 9 by then, we had some interesting talk for 2 hours. As I have mentioned we didn’t plan for sex, but I knew he wanted it but was not saying.

I said, “I should go now.” But he insisted me on staying. I slept by his side, I asked if I could put my arms on his back? He answered affirmatively. The warm breath, the sensation… I got hard by then. I kissed and he liked it. He submitted himself to me and we did it. After we were done, I remember he asked me whether I liked it. Maybe I was tired, I didn’t answer him at the time. It was 1:30 by then. I had an errand to run so I woke up at 5 A.M. I kissed him and said, “I am leaving.” He did not leave my hand and pleaded, “Please don’t go.” I stayed for another hour, smooching him, tickling him all over his body. He didn’t open his eyes for a second, then I kissed him in his forehead and left.

It was those little things, his cuteness, holding my hand, not letting me go, that a stranger cared for me, which made me feel special. I always thought that sex gives immense pleasure, heavenly feeling and what not; which further made me believe that I can not live a monogamous life, I can not stick to one person for my whole life if I want to experience greatest sexual pleasures. But I am lucky that I found out that sex is literally overrated, during my very first time.

I liked that guy very much. He is totally my type, a boyfriend material. But the fact that he had sex with a stranger (me), makes me not want to see him again. So now I have made up my mind that going forward I will have only casual dates, and we won’t have sex for a month or two while seeing each other. I have heard that this makes the relationship stronger. 

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