A Letter to My Straight Friends

Dear Straight Friends,

I don’t have a girlfriend because I’m not interested in girls. Yes I’m gay. I don’t have a boyfriend because first- you people won’t accept that, second- I haven’t tried yet as I’m not sure if I will get someone who will truly love me or may be the right one hasn’t come. So never ever ask me why I don’t have a girlfriend.

I can dance like a man, like a kitten, like Sinchan. No I am not girlish at all. I can speak very slowly, very fast, with and without hand movements. No I am not weird. I watch rom-com, high school drama, thai bl series, Hindu epics like Mahabharata, House of Cards, GoT, 13RY, gay shows like Made in Heaven and desi blood-red thriller like Mirzapur. See! I have a good taste.

I read Bollywood Masala, Economic Times, The Hindu editorial. I am not dumb. I don’t play cricket but I love football and lawn tennis. I do like sports. I like political debates. I work in a core engineering company. I am no fashion designer. I don’t drink, I don’t party late night. I am no attention seeking shit kind of person.I have only male friends, no female friends, no girl tells her secrets to me, I am no gay best friend of anyone.

You think you can tell if someone is gay? I mean, Hello! If there were any gayish things and had it been that easy to tell if someone is gay, I would not be still in the closet and I wouldn’t be slaying all day in front of you. Isn’t that enough to tell that I’m just like you? A normal guy, nothing of it is gay like and nothing of it makes anyone gay or straight.

If it is still hard to understand, go enrol yourself in a kindergarten cause I can’t teach you all day.

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